Plan B Salvation

Here at Plan B Salvation, I do my very best to make unique and well made goods using a variety of wood including reclaimed/salvaged wood, as well as hardwood and exotic wood. My goal is to utilize as much of the material as I possibly can with minimal waste. I love the history behind reclaimed wood and try to keep as much of the character as I can when prepping/cleaning it up for use. When it comes to hardwood and exotics, it's important to let the wood be the focus and showcase the amazing grain patterns and colors that these species provide. Nature is the true designer and I just try to accentuate the incredible features in the wood. My hope is that what I make will live on for many years/generations to come.

Herb's Daughter Custom Soaps

Herb's Daughter Custom Soaps was named after two loves-the love of fragrant herbs that grow in the garden and the love of my father, named Herb. My dad created his own company, insisting on quality ingredients, driven by the demand in the market. You will find the same uncompromised value in all my products, which include artisan glycerin soaps for sensitive skin, herbal deodorant and salve, coffee and green tea eye cream, an anti-aging face and body cream with apricot kernel oil and shea butter, and menthol eucalyptus shower steamers for a spa experience in your own shower. We look forward to being part of this online event.

Kari Asbury


Designer Kari Asbury has a way with jewelry - making it just sync up with the personality and style of those who wear her pieces. With her brand, Kari Asbury Jewelry, she's developed a timeless collection that's brought to life through a blend of mixed media, fibers, art beads, glass beads, semi-precious gemstones and, of course, unmatched artistry.

Here you'll find a bohemian edge that meets the needs of everyday wear. And it's the kind of work that gets noticed. In fact, Kari's designs have been worn on 15 different TV shows and gifted and worn by countless celebrities. Cue the paparazzi!
Kari Asbury Jewelry is for every woman. Every age. Every lifestyle. Every personality. Always unique and always ready to help reflect your own beautiful style. Welcome to your next favorite accessory.

A Little  Corky

Family owned and operated since 2013, A Little Corky designs and creates home decor sourced locally from retired wine barrels. Along with our handcrafted collection, we offer a variety of wine-inspired products and gifts for every occasion.

As a company, we get joy from helping people find the perfect gift. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, reach out and we'll help you find it or get something custom created for you.

Abstract Acrylic Art

Abstract Acrylic Artwork. Great unique gifts! We create mostly Cheeseboards, Decorative trays, and lazy Susan's for shows. We also paint on canvas's!

FireSmith Copper

FireSmith Copper is a husband and wife team of artists who create original wall-hanging copper sculptures and copper decor with free-hand craftsmanship. Our process dictates that no two pieces are the same, every piece at FireSmith Copper is one of a kind. We manipulate the natural aspects of copper to create our artwork so what you see is only characteristics of the copper influenced by the artist. Only flame and abrasive tools are used to create our designs. This process of drawing the design with flame and hand tools ensures that each piece is one of a kind.

FireSmith Copper will create your personal indoor and outdoor wall hangings, tables, bar tops, backsplashes, countertops, fountains, and anything you can challenge us with. We work with our clients to ensure that you are getting the piece that looks exquisite in your home, matches your decor, and works flawlessly with your space.

Every work is one of a kind at FireSmith Copper.

Fabtastic Creations

Handcrafted unique picture globe ornaments. From my family to yours, I hope you enjoy these ornaments as much as I enjoy making them.

Display In Style

We are a husband and wife team- we create handcrafted wood and laser engraved items and gifts. Ralf does all the wood work and I do all the lasering. We started Display In Style in 2009 and started the laser engraving business 2018. We enjoy custom work and personalizing products for keepsake gifts.

Forestlily Designs

Hi! I'm Jen Davis, self-confessed turquoise and sterling silver addict. I've lived in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest for over 20 years with my husband and two children, Forest and Lily. I've been making jewelry for over 30 years and began my silversmithing journey in 2017. I love each stage of the fabrication process. I use sterling silver and fine silver to hand forge jewelry; combining traditional metalsmithing techniques with thoughtfully curated natural turquoise. I use a torch and simple tools to give each piece I create a rustic, earthy feel that shows evidence of the two human hands that have lovingly created each piece of wearable art. I immerse myself in every part of the process: design and sketching, stone choice, soldering, sawing, bezel making, stone setting, filing/polishing, and oxidation. No two pieces are alike or able to be perfectly replicated again.

Artist Statement
I believe that inside each one of us resides a soulful free spirit, unlike no other, who is braving everyday in a chaotic world to be their most authentic and earnest self. Through art and creative work, I believe we can expand our awareness and connect to the natural world, emerging kinder and more compassionate to ourselves, the planet, and all living beings. Using an intuitive design process inspired by nature, music, love, and family, I handcraft one-of-a-kind jewelry with a bohemian vibe for the individual who desires meaningful connection, originality, and soul in the jewelry they wear.

Contact: Junia Stephens, Director of Development - 503-794-8043 -


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